Best physics projects for class 9th

best physics projects for class 9th

What possible forces; size of pyramid, material, angles, what to test (freshness of eggs?
Atwood machine and 'g'.Once the voltage drops too low the device they are powering will not work as well.As a second variable she tried the type of rod (perspex).Here are two suggestions: Suggestion.I'd be taking a length of nichrome wire (which may be 10 ohms per metre) and impressing a voltage across the ends and measuring the current through.The polarisation project would be to measure the reduction of signal strength as the antennas become cross polarised.The work done (W) is equal to force x displacement (W Fs) but this tricky for a case where the force is diminishing as displacement increases.Investigate the interference of sound waves Can a wave be superimposed on another to cancel out the sound?Constant and then you could graph log empire total war patch steam T against log L and this will have a slope of!Explore Assignments, special Features, exploring Diabetes.Wire-wound resistors are still very popular today and the resistance can be set by the length of wire therein (and diameter and resistivity of course).Danger inside a hot car After rescuing 20 more children from locked cars last summer than the previous year the Royal Automobile dell fingerprint reader software Club of Queensland has urged parents not to leave children locked in cars.1 (to infinity, say 1 m for this sort of investigation).You could even do it in a beaker as in EEI #1.A biconvex gas lens will bend sound waves so that can be focussed providing the gas in the lens has a density higher than the surroundings.You could also set up three coils at 120 to each other.
A simple model of rolling friction is shown in the diagram below.
Hot Air Balloons Physics teacher at Urangan State High School, Hervey Bay, Queensland - Alan Whyborn - has his students investigate hot air balloons and the conditions needed for the balloons to catch fire.

The simplest experiment would be to look at the effect of these variables on terminal velocity.You could do an accuracy comparison of Bulldog, Native and Pope Young fletches; or you could try setting the fletches straight with no offset, straight with an offset, or left and right helical fletching.The problem is what other variables will you measure and what will you control?I'd be looking at whether the recoil adds a certain increase in range or whether the elevation matters and.Pump up to 60 psi Pump nozzle The expensive valve The valve closed The valve open and whoosh Air powered potato cannon The other popular type of cannon based on the above design is the potato cannon.Source: Michael Vollmer (2004).
Your EEI could look at how surface tension changes with concentration of solute (eg soap) or with temperature.