Car mod installer for gta vice city

car mod installer for gta vice city

Contact Info and Bug Reports If you would like to contact me (cpmusick) for any reason, send me an email at and I'll respond as soon as I can.
No longer have to choose which car it replaces.
While we do our best to ensure all files are safe, The GTA Place cannot accept responsibility for the contents of user-submitted files.
Allows the user to choose which car they want to replace.New and much easier backup restoring.Added support for inserting cutom-made colors to be added to the carcols.Features in Scripter.0: -Much better design and more user-friendly.I'll be sure to fix the error for the final version.0.Ability to use a "virtual directory which will put all the mod's files (and script) there, so that they can be zipped easily all from one place.This includes modifying it, releasing it under another name or anything else that involves theft or copyright abuse.It displays a list of all backups in your GTA folder and lets you choose one to restore.Fixed bug with it not zoo tycoon game full version remembering the Vice City game directory.What the Purpose of This Program?

Though uninstall scripts are rare and generally not needed, now that there's backup support.It can also automatically search readme or text files that come with the custom car and find the g, e, and carcols.It now detects that automatically.Can have multiple script files, meaning if the mod can be installed to GTA3 and Vice City, there's a separate script for each game.Version.1 Changes -DFF and TXD files are detected automatically and more accurately.This ensures that the mod can't be installed with an older, incompatible version of GMI (starts with.0).Automatically search for and insert any g, carcols.Dat, and e info in the readme for that car.
This helps prevent problems when installing vehiclesmods.
If you restore a backup (uninstall a mod the GXT file will not be changed back.