Fallout new vegas weapon repair kit id code

fallout new vegas weapon repair kit id code

When the weapon repair kit is used, the sound effect is the same as reading a skill book or princess sofia games to magazine.
The Boomer munitions manager (in the mess hall munitions storage at Nellis Air Force Base ) sells up to persian card game series five kits (two average, refilled every three to four days) if you have a positive reputation with the Boomers.In a police car at the Poseidon gas station.Also, the dropbox in the bunker spawns 100 Sierra Madre chips and one voucher (worth 1000 chips) every three days, allowing you to buy up to 55 kits.Gun Runners - on a shelf, for sale.You cannot use a weapon repair kit on a weapon that is completely broken, since broken weapons cannot be equipped.Neglected to snag the weapon repair kit code / holotape for the vending machine in Dead Money.Have tried "additem" and "placeatme" 00011b30" though "09011b30" with no luck.
Old World Blues (add-on) The Book Chute, with the Mulching upgrade, will turn clipboards into duct tape and scrap metal.
Fallout: New Vegas consumable, weapon repair kit effects, increases the condition of currently equipped weapon weight 0a68, the weapon repair kit is a consumable item.

You can load a Villa savegame, open the console and click on an item to see the prefix item from DM, like a Sierra Madre chip or the Police pistol to see which code.However, they must be stolen.If you exit the area and return later, the clipped items may return to their normal spot.Jean Sky Diving - to the right of the set of lockers.The components you will most likely find in here are wonderglues and wrenches, with some scrap metal.Xbox360 ps3 pc Using a weapon repair kit on any weapon with a durability mod installed (such.357 Magnum revolver with an HD cylinder ) will cause the weapon's health to decrease.