Far cry 3 map editor tutorial #01

far cry 3 map editor tutorial #01

After you've found the bin folder for Far Cry 3 on your computer's hard drive, look for the executable (Application) named FC3Editor.
Visit the directory where you placed all of your Far Cry 3 files, such.Check out some of the videos below to get a hang of the editor's interface.TheBeachedHippo, a fairly prominentr ( m/user/TheBeachedHippo has gotten his hands on Far Cry 3 as part software testing concepts and tools pdf of a promotional campaign and he has decided to do a blitz of Far Cry 3 videos.C:Program Files (x86)Far Cry 3bin or possibly, c:Program Files (x86)UbisoftFar Cry 3bin, or if you downloaded Far Cry 3 from Steam with Windows 7 64bit.The Far Cry 3, map Editor is accessed from the main menu of the console version of Far Cry 3, but for those with the PC version of FC3, a little bit of navigating has to be done, as you will not find that utility.Run that, and you're all set.C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonFar Cry 3bin, an easier way to find the location of the directory is simply right clicking whichever Far Cry.exe file you've been opening in order to run the game, and clicking on "Open File Location which should be the third option.This will open up the bin folder shown up above.These include a full walkthrough of the game and gameplay from the map editor.)mojelogo SMS ToolBar.08 BER : 134 b :.10.09 WinDriver Ghost.00 EnterpriseBER : 134 b :.01.10 WinDriver Ghost.00BER : 134 b :.01.10.(Ambient, Downtempo, Breaks) Infinityloop - Only Time will Tell (EP) (WEB) - 2012, flac (tracks lossless.'Your Out of Office settings cannot be displayed, because the server is currently unavailable.# 03/03 - "Walk him" (Holmes) to Thorton, who is a walking towards Northeast of where you found him originally (H3).

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# Second (and Third) Playthrough The achievements you should still need after your first playthrough are those for upgrading Shields, Weapons, and Accessories.