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This is a computer game and we'll be using the computer to do what it does best and not tying ourselves in knots to directly repeat what happens on the tabletop.The Field of Glory strategy game is made by wargamers specifically for wargaming fans.The game will be hex based rather than fre form to keep it easy to play.Over 50,000 posts on the FOG forums and an ever growing community of fans have built on the success of the original system and now Forum members are tagalog to english translator app contributing towards FOGs expansion into the Renaissance and Napoleonic eras.Es decir que esta muy cerca la decision on gay marriage 2013 cosa.This is the latest production coming from the Kameleon Project talent incubator.Detailed and accurate depiction of ancient warfare 12 historical battles with hundreds of units to control.Fans worldwide have praised the quality and realism of this production which is created by Wargames specialists Slitherine and distributed by military history book specialists Osprey Publishing.
Parece que los amigos de Slitherine van a sacar el Fields of Glory de tablero para PC, con single player y 1vs1, por lo que veo en el post de la compañia : Last year saw the arrival of the hugely anticipated Field of Glory.

La pregunta clave:when will this game be released.Single and 2 player head to head modes.Perdon por no traducirlo, pero es que da pigritia.Just to give a few details - the game will not be an exact recreation of the tabletop system.The first priority is to make a good game.Now translated into all major European languages, the rules have appeared on the shelves of bookstores across the world.
The Field of Glory brand has become so popular within the wargaming community, that the brand is now supporting a range of wargaming products such as specially designed FOG terrain from manufacturers Miniature Worldmaker.