Game drag racing v3

game drag racing v3

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Drag Racer V3 is an exciting, intricate racing game where you powerdirector 13 crack 32 bit have the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the most sought-after cars on the planet.This free online game provides the thrill and secure parking promo code excitement more than any other online racing flash games give.Líbí se vám 3D Taxi Racing?Keeping your finger on Spacebar is essential to maintaining speed, but changing gears at the correct time is the tricky part.Even though drag races are often over in a flash, it takes extreme driving skill and meticulous preparation to give you an edge, and ensure that your car has a shot at victory!You can even race online with other real live people.Buy a car, tune it, modify and race.Collect credits to buy tuner parts and customize your ride.Drag Racer V3, drag Racer V3 is a popular game designed by experts for those who enjoy racing games.

Also in Uner Mode, you can place Wagers on each of your races.In Uner Mode, you start off with a more humble model (a Honda, Nissan, or Mazda and gradually race your way to the top, earning enough Credits to purchase high-end cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches.How to Play: There are two distinct Game modes to choose from: Arcade Mode, and Uner Mode.Fill up your virtual garage with your own tricked out machines.Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to control your car during a race in Arcade Mode: Spacebar Accelerate; Up Down Arrows Change gear.In Drag Racer V3 you can have fun creating and modifying your own car and taking it out for races.Keep an eye on the different dials on the dashboard.Use the Credits earned from these wagers (and Tourney wins) to purchase upgrades for your car, or to purchase new and better cars.
Tune and modify your car from scratch or from an already modified car.