Isola dei famosi 2012

isola dei famosi 2012

Teresa Ruta, Stefano Tacconi Carmen Russo Fabio Testi.
Pappalardo Giada De Blanck Giada De Blanck - Walter Nudo Not in the competition Exempt.Note 6: As the winner of the immunity challenge, Donatella was given the power to name a second nominee.Zequila 77 to evict.Chiappucci Eliminated (Day 15) Kris Kris Aceto,.Lizenz, keywords:Erwachsene PersonNur Frau alleinEine PersonMenschenLanges Kultur und UnterhaltungAufwartenNina MoricL'Isola Dei FamosiArmbandBraunes HaarArmreif.David 58 to evict.Nomination table edit Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Last Week Round 0 Round 1 #1 #2 #3 Leader - - - - Alessandro Feliù Alessandro Feliù Leonardo Tumiotto Leonardo Tumiotto Alessandro Feliù.Cecchi Paone Viviana Bazzani.Calvani.Occhiena Eliminated (Day 50) Leone Di Lernia Not in competition Exempt.Cristina was the third person eliminated with.40 of the vote.Kilian Francesco Safe Abigail Roberta Kilian Nina Laerte Eliminated - (Day 58) Nina Not on island Exempt Magda Safe Daniel Giorgia Giorgia Francesca.Exempt Dario Eliminated (Day 15) Luca.Santarelli 79 to evict.See note 2 - See note 3 - Eliminated Valerio 73 to evict Rosanna 52 to evict Alessia 57 to evict Carmen 56 to evict Ana Laura 61 to evict Antonella 47 to evict Aida 85 to evict Francesco 70 to evict Totò?The format is the Italian version of the programme.Related: l'isola dei famosi hot, l'isola dei famosi 2010 concorrenti, isola dei famosi 2015, isola dei famosi cristina, isola dei famosi 2013, isola dei famosi 2010, isola dei famosi 2012 concorrenti, isola dei famosi 2014 concorrenti, isola dei famosi hot guendalina, cast isola dei famosi.

Note 5: After Leone di Lernia's eviction, each contestant gave two names.Kilian Matteo Francesco Safe Abigail Kilian Kilian Nina Laerte Eleonora Eliminated - (Day 65) Gianna Francesca.A public vote was opened and Cristina received the most votes to enter the show with.51.Carmen Di Pietro came spy vs spy game boy in his place.Casella 51 pto evict.Teresa Ruta Walter Nudo Walter Nudo Walter Nudo Giada De Blanck Eliminated Stefano Tacconi 60 to evict Barbara Chiappini 51 to evict Fabio Testi 75 to evict Susanna Torretta 59 to evict.The 3 with the most votes faced a public vote; one was evicted the same day, while the other two faced the public vote for all of the next week.Nominated for fail challenge or nominated by a loser immune.Not on island Exempt Clarissa Guenda Silvia Dario Silvia Domenico Exempt Denis Clarissa Sandra Nominated Silvia Domenico Leader Exempt Winner - (Day 71) Luca.