Medieval 2 total war kingdoms cheat happens

medieval 2 total war kingdoms cheat happens

By doing this, the Ballista will kill more units with its bolts.
You can also cheat by using the console and hiring several Peasant militia to the place.
So to have that big family tree, try to get them all of them married as soon as possible.
Resource Manipulation: Go into the game root folder ie: C:Programme FilesSegaMedieval II Total Campaign descr_strat This is a read only file so remember to remove the check next to read only in order to alter the file.If you've noticed why you have a happily married general, still with no children (even though the wife is drop dead gorgeous there's usually a d surprisingly it doesn't have to do with his sperm count.If you surround the agent with units or force him/her to a geographical corner and then place a unit there, the agent will automatically "die".Some trainers may set off generic or heuristic notifications with certain antivirus or firewall assassin's creed 2 mods pc software.This way the Balista will kill more units with its bolts (a good kill is at least 3-4 units per shot, 2 rounds per shot).Give city more population - add_population settlement name number.Premium Topic, new Premium Topic, cheat Happens Premium * Access PC trainers and exclusive content * Updated game trainers and cheats daily * Get notified when new cheats are added * Request which games get new trainers * Priority support with any problem GET your premium membership Latest Trainer Unlimited.Choose the resolution for your computer, then right-click on the image and choose "set as background".Set resources: Use a text editor to edit the "descr_strat" file in the "medieval ii total wardataworld mapscampaignimperial_campaign" directory.Type: "auto_win" without the"s and then what side you want to win (attacker or defender) and hit enter.Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms Trainer.51 Options: Unlimited Gold One-Turn Construction Maximum Recruits Available (fixed) Maximum Mercenary Hiring Unlimited Movement Maximum Character Skills August 27, 2014 Game Version: original Distribution(s steam Compatibility: Windows 7 and above (may be compatible with additional versions) Contributor: Caliber.AcademyTrained AdoredByPope AgentPiety Anger Arse AssassinsGuildMember AssassinsGuildTrained Austere Authoritarian BadAmbusher BadArtilleryCommander BadAttacker BadDenouncer BadDiplomacy BadGunpowderCommander BadMerchant BadPrincess BadRiskyDefender BadSiegeDefender BadTaxman BattleChivalry BattleDread BigotWoman Bishop Bloodthirsty Brave BraveDiplomat BraveWoman CaptorChivalry CaptorDread Cardinal Cheapskate ChivalryLegacy ColdWoman ContentGeneral Corrupt Corrupted Coward CrusaderHistory Cuckold Cultured Cursed Deranged DesperateWoman Despoiler.The Ballista also ignores armor, thus allowing it to hit units such as heavy cavalry with ease if positioned correctly.
Press during game play to display the console window.
(you'd still want some regular guards) Win every fights: If you are in a tough spot or if you made a silly little mistake (like how I managed to send in an important general into enemy territory without the rest of his army you may.

Latest Message Board Posts by PWizard on 7/16/2015 4:00:24 AM by snafucit on 1/26/2015 1:10:23 PM by rwwllms on 7/24/2014 7:02:28 PM by PWizard on 3/11/2014 9:13:03 PM by povka112 on 12/25/2013 5:13:51.Result Code, give any trait your faction can have to a specific general - give_trait character trait level number.Sunday, June 25, 2017, this month, our site has been optimized for speed and has less ads now.This means you have to manually move (merge) them to one tile (already containing a unit then to the next tile.Go to then find the faction you want to play then look for their starting florins then change it to, if you want to be really brutal you can change your enemies starting money low.Responsible means keeping everything active in All of the castles and towns, such as keeping guards there (to make them comfortable) and keeping buildings recent.Cut and Paste the unlockable section into the playable section.Older Trainer/Editor Versions.This ensures youll never run out of time if you are a slow player like me who enjoys consolidating after each conquest.Please check back at a later date for more cheats and codes to be added.