Sudden strike 2 maps editor

sudden strike 2 maps editor

Deselect the In or Crw buttons then click Ok and the truck on the map.
Sites on the tanks and guns of the WW2.
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Publishing focuses on the marketing and promotion of first and third-party products, with the goal of North American and Western European market penetration through publishing and distribution agreements.New feature - advanced Micro AI-behaviour allows your troops to act exactly as you plan.(if you add a enemy pdf it happened one autumn unit add them in a different group than A0, because A0 is for the player only) If you want a unit (a truck for example) to apear on the map like is burning for a while give 25 to Lives.Add a location 18 on the cannon.If you want to remove any unit on the map, just chose another and right click over the old one (or right click and drag over many units) to erase it/them.If one condition is met the script procedes further with the second window in case of or or and.Add a rail track where you want the train to go, make a gate for this reinforecement, but what is different for trains is that the location of the gate must be put on the rail track.First choose a new map then a new mission from the editor tabs.
Adding a gate This is the entry point for your reserve or the enemy's reserve.
Do not forget to add in the Groups tab the Ai for that group also: - Click Mission Options, then fill Group with B0 and click Update, then click Edit, add the group in the two small windows if necessary, an set Behaviour: Infantry-Guard location.

Vs ussr OR GB/USA OR Japan vs GB/USA (and other realistic configurations WW2 nations).Just fill out the simple web form below.Adding trains as reinforcements Click Mission Options, then Reinforcements.See the " pratical infos " section, on first page of every nations and click on " navigation " link.This tutorial is for single player, enjoy.Shemes patch: (179 Mo download - Slyder Skinspatch (not obligatory but very good Download - Slyder Skinspatch update (with less camouflage cut branches Download 1 or, download 2 - Winter skins : (replace old file 11/2009) Download - Desert skins: (replace old file 11/2009).
About Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory: Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory is the latest instalment in the award-winning, critically acclaimed and hugely popular Sudden Strike series.
Send enemy units after you via a gate Make another gate with a different letter this time and with different numbered groups.