Super robot taisen mx portable english patch

super robot taisen mx portable english patch

Good luck with this project, I'm always happy when the SRW-series get more love.
(AI and Zombie soldiers too ).Translated characters list: Lemon, Vindel, Genpachiro, Saburota, Akatsuki, Tsukomo, Izumi, Hikaru Amano, Ryoko, Gai Daigoji, Emperor Olban, Raiza, General Balbas, Admiral Richter, Kyoshiro, General Jangal, Prince Heinel, Commander Lady Gandal, General Blacky, Minister Zuril, King Vega, Empress Janera, Warchimedes, Rubina, Kirika, Hikaru Makiba, Maria Grace.Currently I really don't have the time to help out with translations even though I would love to, but in the future I might drop by and offer any help if it's still needed.Prospector Jovian Soldier/Officer, Akito, Domon, Heero, Mariemaia Soldier, Kaine, Kamille, Four, Glemy, Puru, Judau, Zeon Cyber-NT Soldier, Warrant Officer Tehen, Gato, Lalah, Kou, star wars origami ebook Shiro, Norris, Amuro, Koji, Sayaka, Boss, Tetsuya, Jun, Great General of Darkness, Axel (main character versions enemy version Zeon Soldier.English translation for this game?For, super Robot Taisen MX Portable on the, pSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled MX portable English translation (just need to extract the text).Is there a lot of difference between SR and RR route?Is there any difference?Is the stage 34 cheat working in psp.PS2, super Robot Wars MX translation project.This will be the thread for the.Super Robot Wars MX English translation project.# 04/05 - Now head Northwest, sticking to the left (West) side as you go North.

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