The yukon trail game

the yukon trail game

This 2005 photo shows the Five Finger Rapids as corel photo paint 5.0 viewed from the Klondike Highway The player and partner arrive at Bennett Lake after hiking into Canada.
The player's score is determined by the amount of money they have (from the entire journey, including gold).After the minigame, if the player's boat has been damaged, he can choose to repair the boat or build a new one from scratch.Random events include: someone being injured (the player decides to continue at a slower pace or to rest theft of food, rockslides, crowds of people or abandoned animals, and sudden inclement weather.The player can also hire packers in the two cities that would haul their supplies to the respective routes.They can then buy or sell goods before climbing the mountain pass leading to the Canadianborder where they pay a toll to pass into the Yukon Territory.When Rawitsch joined the Minnesota Educational Computer Consortium (mecc) in 1974, he brought along the code for the game and mecc developed a version for distribution to schoolsfirst in Minnesota and then around the United States.Once they have claimed an area, they can begin searching for gold.A smaller load resulted in the ground moved each day to become somewhat shorter (as some of the supplies have to be left behind and then returned for).Players start out in Seattle, where they must partner up, secure travel, and purchase needed provisions.Reception edit Reception References edit External links edit.When the player's loss is reported to the bar manager, he "claims" he will get your money back, but actually does not.The initial choice players make on the trail, and can constantly change if wished, is the load they personally carry.Along the trail, numerous random events can occur.
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Windows releases of The Yukon Trail." tart, the game starts in Seattle in August 1897 (right before the actual Gold Rush).

There is also a peddler who will sell one of various items, including "gold-sniffing" gophers, a trail bicycle, eggs, and caviar or kittens.The game is based around the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 19th century.The game does not allow the player to buy tickets for the ferry until they choose a partner: A banker, a carpenter, a native of the Yukon, or a journalist.However, a larger load will result in a higher probability of the player or partner being injured.Gambling can involve a card game, Yukon, played in saloons that has rules similar to War, an arcade with a host that tells the player the best place to find gold for a payment of 5; however, the information is only given if the player.In the 1970s and 1980s, when computing access was rare, The Oregon Trail not only instructed players in American history but also introduced them to computers.The choices for boats include a dinghy, a raft, identify motherboard windows 8 or a canoe.The player can buy equipment and food for the journey at Pioneer Outfitters, or they can wait until they get.
Upon reaching their destination, either Skagway or Dyea, they can purchase any supplies that were not bought in Seattle, gamble, or head for either theWhite Pass trail or the Chilkoot trail.
Random events include: someone being injured (resulting in the player deciding whether he wants to continue at a slower pace or resting banditry of goods or supplies, and sudden inclement weather.