Wii uable games size

wii uable games size

If only it were that easy!
Metroid: Other M, raving Rabbids Party Collection, sakura Wars: So Long, My Love.
The laser lens is the issue.
The laser lens might just be dirty, but it is more likely that the laser lens has failed (or is failing) and has stopped working keygen aurora 3d maker all together.However, Wiis have been known to have trouble playing these dual layered discs if the laser lens is dirty or needs replaced.It has been our experience that the unable to read the disc error often shows up when the laser has stopped working all together.Step 4) Replace The Laser Lens.You can hitman 3 game kickass do all the cleaning you want but I am sorry to say that cleaning doesnt fix a none-working laser lens.If the Wii will read other discs and games with no error, then youve discovered the problem!Nintendo makes it easy to do this with their.Here is a list of all known dual layered games for the Wii (if your console is having trouble reading these games, but will read other games, go to steps 3 and 4 Metroid Prime: Trilogy.We recommend only using the official Wii Lens Cleaning Kit.Once youve done that, try putting the game into the Wii again to see if the error goes away.Other DIY methods have been known to damage the Wii laser lens further, so its better to use a kit that is specifically designed for.Check the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting.We may not currently have a How To on this, but in the mean time, here is a great tutorial by Tinker Mods: As was stated earlier, we will go into detail on the replacement in a future post.Fixing this issue is usually not a matter of just cleaning the lens!Step 3) Clean the Laser Lens.
On most fantage hack no 2013 occasions you will end up doing step.
Dual layered discs can hold twice the amount of information, which allows for more robust games.

The first inclination that most people have when they see the unable to read the disc error is to try to clean the disc, and honestly its a good place to start.(Note that you may need a soldering iron to de-solder the laser lens Tri Wing Screwdriver (size Y0 and a tiny Phillips Screwdriver (size #000) You can find a Wii Screwdriver Set here.This is by far the most common problem with the original Wii.Before we go forward with step 3, its worth mentioning that the most common failure inside the Wii is the laser lens.If it does, great!You can find a Brand New Laser Lens for Wii Replacement Part in our store for under.
Dont get your hopes up with this step, though.
This means there has to be something wrong with the Wii console itself.