Xbox 360 update stuck

xbox 360 update stuck

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the grinder will no longer become unusable when attempting to access it immediately after closing.
Permanent Hot-Fixes to prevent wall from not opening near the transition into the Cortex.
Permanent Hot-Fix to apply performance optimization for a particle used by the Storm Front grenade.
Permanent Hot-Fix to fix clients not seeing the shipping container after failing "To The Moon".Players with rocket launchers with a critical hit bonus will find that a random bonus has replaced the critical hit bonus.Reduced frequency of critical hit callout audio.In general, hot fixes are used to temporarily address issues between major updates.Addressed certain "Cult of the Vault" symbols not displaying properly for clients.Permanent Hot-Fix to prevent Epicenter skill from throwing around boss Kraggons.
Addressed an issue where players could get stuck on the "Follow Claptrap's Consciousness" objective of the "End of the Line" mission.
The damage resist effect will now display correctly when playing in non-English languages.

Permanent Hot-Fix to fix Cult of the Vault symbol not displaying correctly for clients in Vorago Solitude.2 out of 3 aida64 engineer edition key found this helpful.Permanent Hot-Fixes to improve performance in Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K.Juggernaut Oz Kits will now use a more appropriate material.An update contains changes that are permanently stored on your system and only needs to be downloaded once.Salvador's melee attack will no longer cause FX corruption in a 4-player split-screen game.
Fixed a rare issue where a crash could occur after selecting "Resume" from the main menu.